Breathable Summer Mesh Cat Hammock Bed Free-Standing Cat Sleeping Bed


Our cat hammock allows cats to sleep restfully.
Cats especially enjoy sleeping in small, suspended locations. Our design takes into account the specific characteristics of cats and is loved by cats of all kinds.

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Breathable mesh fabric and iron










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Product Details

  • Breathable Material:High quality mesh fabric, wear-resistant, breathable, elastic, comfortable and friendly to pet skin, so even in summer, your cats and dogs also can curl up comfortably in their nests.
  • Safety Metal Frame:Four iron leg for more stable support, the bed shelves don’t shake, and don’t tip over. It’s easier for the cat to get on and off the bed, and safe for your pet.
  • Away From Ground:This pet nest is suspended from the shelves and has no contact with the ground, it can effectively and keep your cats and puppys keep cool and away from various skin diseases.
  • Removable & Machine Washable:There’s a very wide hook and loop paste on the sides of the nest, it’s very firm and you can easily remove the nest from the shelf, to facilitate washing and drying. And hand washing, machine washing and dry cleaning are suitable.
  • Multi-Purpose Needs:Perfect for home, travel, picnic, camping, park, beach. Suitable for Persian Birman Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Himalayan Toyger Scottish fold American Bobtail Balinese Bengal Chausie, Poodle,Bulldogs Pug Yorkshire Terrier Schnauzer Corgi Chihuahua,Hamster,Mouse,Chinchilla,Rabbit and other small animals.

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