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We are a pet products wholesaler sells anything and everything pet-related. We have the perfect range for pet products including pet sleeping bed, cat hammock, cat wall shelf, cat tree, dog house and chicken coop, etc.

Product Category

We know how deep your love is for your pets. That’s why RONSUN PET is dedicated to designing and producing quality products to make their lives better.


Care for your kitty with indoor & outdoor cages. Build a paradise for your cat with our wall mounted shelves and cat trees. And offer your furry kids a sweet dream with our beds and hammock as well as other quality cat accessories.



Take care of your dog with a wide assortment of premium RONSUN pet accessories. Our luxury dog beds and kennels leave your dog feeling comfortable and safe. Food and water bowls with stand, dog toys like snuffle mat, and other dog supplies help provide the quality of life your pet deserves.

Small Animal

Except products for dog and cat, RONSUN PET also supplies chiken coop, rabbit hutch, bird cage, bat house, bird feederand turtle cage, etc. We are a one-stop-shop for all your pet needs.


Hot Selling Products

RONSUN PET is continually looking to expand its product line with new and innovative products for every size pet.

Cat Wall Shelf

Pet Hammock

Felt Pet Bed


About Yiling

Dear Friend, Thank you for your interest of Ronsun Home and Garden Products Limited. I am Yiling Huang, the company’s CEO.

I have been engaged in furniture industry for over 15 years. I adopted an adorable cat, but it seemed that he was unable to coexist with my dog harmoniously. Since then, Ive been struggled to find somewhere here to supply us with our pets needs and this is where our designing started

Most pet products are designed from the perspective of people. The convenience of use, the beautification of appearance, and the production strategy are mostly to sell the products to people, while the use feelings of pets are often ignored.

Yiling Huang, CEO, RONSUN PET

Rescuing Small Animals

We always pay attention to the rescue of small animals and try our best to improve the living conditions of stray animals. We have always carried out the rescue action as a normal activity, played the leading role of the brand, and let more stray animals have a home!

Science & Sustainable

The design of our pet products starts from the pet itself, and the details always follow the physiological habits of the pet. Different from others, our products are designed and manufactured with an environmental and sustainable awareness, using the most premium material. We don’t compromise quality of products as we would never do the same for our fur children either.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Does RONSUN PET make custom orders?

Of course, we can support custom orders. And also, some of our most popular items are offered in multiple sizes and colors to make it easy for you to find your style and your look.

Can I get samples?

Yes, we do provide samples and charges will be returned after placing order, but freight fees will be paid by your side.

What is so special about our pet products?

When you order custom products, we work closely with you to create that ‘perfect’ piece of products. We consider the pet’s habits, size, characteristics and their daily lifestyle. Following preliminary discussions, we create drawings to graphically illustrate your proposed design for your review and approval. The result is product uniquely designed and built in the style, wood, and finish that you will enjoy for years to come.

How about the shipping cost?

If your goods is not large, we can send goods to you via counier, such as FEDEX, DHL,we cooperated with them for long time, so we have good price. If your goods is large, we will send to you by sea, we can quote the price to you, then you can choose whether use our forwarder or yours.

How is the product quality maintained?

There are inspections in each process of material, fabric, cutting and sewing, bulk will be 100% inspected before packing and storage, and after that they will be also final randomly inspected before shipment.

What is your privacy policy?

RONSUN PET does not share any of your information with any other company for any reason. We keep it as confidential. We are happy to sign NNN agreement if necessary. From time to time you may receive “Special Customer” offers from us.

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