Large dog house indoor luxury furniture style kennel


Pets are a man’s friends and friends need to be surrounded with care and attention. If your cat or dog lives in the house, you definitely need to organize a comfortable home for him.

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Pine wood








Wood wax oil


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This house can simultaneously perform two functions: a place where the pet can sleep and decorating for your home. On the top you can put a pillow for your pet or pots of flowers for home decoration.

Our furniture line is designed for both pet and you – the owner. This is a part of the interior that, depending on the finish, will fit into any interior; it also serves as a functional surface.

Why Should You Choose this Wooden Dog Crate?

  1. If your dog needs a retreat of its own to rest and relax. If your dog tends to destroy your home when you’re away. If your dog is afraid of strangers and needs a place to feel safe. These are the main reasons you need a dog crate.
  2. This pet cage house adapts perfectly to the space requirements of your dog. Thanks to the two sliding elements, the lying surface can be infinitely and easily enlarged and reduced again at any time. It is ideal for medium dogs such as Border Collie, Bulldog, Husky, Australian Shepherd, and more.
  3. This pet houses furniture is for all freedom-loving dogs. The entrance always remains open on the left and right, so the kennel cannot be completely closed. If you don’t intend to temporarily lock your dog in the cage, this wooden pet house is heaven on earth for your four-legged friend.
  4. It is made of solid oak wood, it’s strong and durable. It featuring a rustic wax finish, it perks up your room.
  5. Except to be a large dog kennel for your furry kids, it works as a side table next to your sofa, window, or bed. This also double as tv stands, buffet tables, or function fine as stand alone kennels.


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