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We know how demanding our beloved cats can be, which is why we have created a multifunctional space for relaxation and fun.

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Interior wall shelves in your home may not seem natural but they do get your cat to show off many natural behaviors. Even in a home environment, the goal of a good cat owner is to get their cat to be comfortable and their true selves.

For you, our cat climbing shelf will be a beautiful wall decoration, and for your cat it will be a new favorite place for everyday activities. Cats really need entertainment and their own space. Thanks to the wonderful shelves, you can make your pet’s stay in the house full and interesting, organize active games.

  • Sturdy and non-toxic material: Our cat climb wall mounted shelf is very reliable. We use environmentally friendly plywood. The thickness of our plywood used can support large cats. The fixing of the shelves is simple and does not require any special skills.
  • Safety From Predators: A cat’s ability to climb keeps them safe from many predators on the ground. While it’s unlikely your house if crawling with predators, your cat will still prefer to have a safe place to get away.If you have dogs or kids in your home, cats can occasionally get spooked or want to run away when their boundaries aren’t being respected. It’s better for your cat to have a place to go to rather than lashing out other ways.
  • Fun Enrichment: Even though your cat sleeps for most of the day, it’s still important for them to get exercise. Having cat shelf on wall allows your furry baby to explore, burn off energy, and stay fit.

Giving your cat new stimuli in their environment keeps them from being bored. A bored cat will usually find their own ways for entertainment which may be destructive. Instead, direct your cat towards things they can do for a stress-free home environment.

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