Premium wood pet food feeder dog elevated bowl


The pet slow feeder bowl is suitable for small dogs and cats with various sizes to eat food or drink water. Made from natural wood prized for its waterproof qualities.

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The raised dog food bowls provides easy eating and licking. The increased height allows overall optimal feeding posture to promote a healthy eating posture. Perfect for pets with neck or back problems. When dogs and cats no longer need to eat unnaturally from the ground, the health of the digestive system improves dramatically. Choose animal-designed dog and cat feeding bowls to help your adorable pooch enjoy a high-quality daily life.

  1. The pet water feeder is made of glass and is easy to clean, and the sturdy stand is made of laminate, which keeps your dog or cat’s food and water from making a mess on the floor, is super environmentally friendly and durable to use.
  2. These detachable bowls allow you to fill the natural and beautiful wooden structure of your pet’s food and water without moving the entire unit.
  3. The average height of the pet bowl is consistent with its tilt Angle. It is convenient for pets to eat comfortably.
  4. Pets with arthritis, neck or back problems find it a relief to eat from an elevated feeder. When dogs and cats no longer need to eat unnaturally from the ground, the health of the digestive system improves dramatically.
  5. The surface is polished and smooth to protect the skin. Waterproof, moisture-proof, more durable.
  6. Suitable for 1-3 Small Dogs and Cats with Various Sizes to Share Food and Water.
  7. Each Bowl can store 13.5 Oz food suitable for cat or small dog to eat throughout the day, Preventing overfeeding for either kitten or adult cat. Pet comfort cat bowls easy to hold with polished handles at either side. Glass bowls are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Using this wooden pet feeder keeps the feeding area clean, which is essential for healthy living. Also, a dog’s plate is easier to clean if it is elevated. No more scrubbing the feeding area with your hands and knees. Instead, you simply wipe the surface of the feeder sheet clean.

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