Cat Forest Climbing Frame Cat Tree House


Provide your cat with the ultimate outdoor climbing experience without ever leaving the safety and security of your living room.

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Bring the joy of climbing trees to your indoor cat. This realistic cat tree provides your cat with a paradise ofits own inside your home,a place where they feel safe and relaxed.
This unigue tree house is an innovation in modern catfurniture achieving the perfect blend ofutility and aesthetics.

  1. We utilize a combination of state-of-the-art CNC machines and the skilled hand of local artisans to manufacture all of our products.
  2. An indoor cat climbing tree featuring sturdy construction and high-quality materials, all components used are pet-safe and non-toxic. Pure natural hemp rope, tight winding texture, good flexibility, wear resistance acid resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages. Imitate leaves branches environmentally friendly materials strong plasticity, beautiful design, cat-like design.
  3. Convenient and practical. Through this step, your cat can easily reach the balcony.
  4. Featuring high density construction and superior durability, thick board ensures overall stability of the cat tree as well as your cats’ safety while jumping around. This Cat condo designed for cats up to 32 pounds in weight. Easy to assemble cat furniture in less than 15 minutes, no tools required.
  5. Keeping cats away from furniture will attract cats’ attention and provide pets with more interaction and fun.
  6. Our trees offer different areas of exploration and different materials to engage all of your cat’s senses. Our Cat Activity tree is perfect for jumping, scratching, climbing, and relaxing.
  7. Every detail makes this contemporary piece fit into the aesthetic of your home while giving your cat their own space to embrace their wild side. Designed to look like a tree so your cat has that ‘outdoor experience’ without leaving the safety and security of their indoor environment.

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