Cozy felt house with removable mat for cats and dogs


Personalized dog bed with removable pillow provides a secluded place for a pet to sleep or rest, protecting his space from drafts and extraneous sounds.

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100% polyester felt


Off white








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Place the house in the place chosen for the animal, where the pet will be comfortable to rest and sleep.

Make sure that the place intended for the house is relatively quiet and there are no drafts.

If you are just accustoming your pet to a house, introduce him to a new object gradually. Put your pet’s favorite toy in the house and encourage the animal in every possible way for the time spent in the house.

Periodically clean the house and the inner carpet from loose wool.

Soft padded removable cushion provides warmth and comfort to your pet.

Retains shape well. It is available in more than 30 colors. Please check our color chart.

Neutral colors and simple contemporary design will help this pet house look great in any interior.

This pet tent is designed for cats, kittens as well as dogs and puppies.

  1. This dog house made of high quality felt – a durable and soft material that is breathable, keeps its shape perfectly and does not accumulate dust.
  2. The dog cave bed equipped with a removable inner mat for greater pet comfort while relaxing or alone.
  3. This small dog bed helps create a cozy spot for a cat or small dog, ideal for pets that love indoor spaces.
  4. With a convenient entrance and the ability to view everything that is happening around.Sleek modern design looks great in any interior.
  5. We suggest care instruction is hand wash in cold water.

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