Eco friendly wooden cat step toys wall shelf design


Ronsun cat wall furniture is made of premium plywood with high thickness and large bearing capacity, which can provide a safe playing environment for your cat.

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Our wall mounted cat shelf is more durable and neat, your cat will climb safely along your wall. Satisfy the cat’s nature of climbing up high, help your kittens to stay healthy and happy.

Movement & Exploration – Exercise is essential for cats, even if they sleep most of the day. Our wall-mounted cat shelves and perches for wall allow your furry friend to explore, expend energy, and stay healthy. With our wooden shelves for cat, your cat can create an exercise environment that keeps them engaged and prevents boredom.

  • Reliable Material: Ronsun wall mounted cat climbing platform is made of quality wooden materials, no peculiar smell, resistant to scratching, and designed with T shaped reinforced supports at the bottom of the shelf, can hold up to 40lbs of weight.
  • Simple&Elegant Design: Compared to the over-engineered cat shelves, our wall mounted stair is simple, but very practical, which won’t clutter your living space and limit your cat’s climbing.
  • Save Your Family Space: Compared with the traditional cat climbing frame, our wall-mounted cat climbing frame is lighter and more convenient. After installing it on the wall, you don’t need to worry about cats running around and messing up your room. The interior decoration matches the cute cat house, which is very suitable for you who love cats. It not only gives the cat a happy jumping space, but also saves the space in your home, making the home look warm and beautiful.
  • Easy to Install: The installation steps are very simple, each accessory of the wall mounted cat climbing step is pre-drilled, align each wooden board in the appropriate position according to the instructions, and determine the appropriate spacing position and install it to meet the climbing needs of cats

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