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This thoughtful folding pet bed is well-suited for any home with a cat looking to get spoiled. With a minimal Scandinavian design that’s sure to look great in your home.

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Cats need a spot all their own to feel comfortable and safe, you want something that looks great in your home, this is the perfect no-compromise pet bed for you and your cat. Ronsun cat cave bed has everything cats need to feel happy, content, and safe while they nap, and it has the perfect modern style to match your modern aesthetic. It’s the cat bed you’ll love as much as your cat does!

  • WHY CATS LOVE IT: The high walls make your kitty feel protected and secure while still giving them a wide-angle view of their environment. The thick felt absorbs their scent, giving them a strong sense of ownership and provides a calming effect by letting them know they’re in their own personal space.
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: With a contemporary design unlike anything else, this is not your average, boring cat bed. Inspired by cats, its flowing organic curves create a warm and inviting mood in your home. Heathered light grey felt matches any modern decor. Setup is fast and simple, and the bed easily unfolds for travel or storage.
  • MATERIALS MADE TO LAST: Our super-thick felt (5mm) is strong and springy, yet soft and flexible. The felt conforms to the shape of your pet as they move, won’t collapse and always pops back into shape. Thick, durable cushion fabric looks great and holds up to kitty claws.
  • PERFECT FOR CATS OF ALL SIZES: This enclosed cat house is perfect for multiple kittens or a large adult cat up to 20 lbs. It makes a great small dog bed, too. Exterior measurements are: 45cm tall x 45cm wide x 30cm deep.

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