Funny back tilting cat scratcher cardboard and bed


Cat’s favorite scratcher toy just got a makeover. 3 in 1 Cat scratcher’s innovative design provides the ultimate experience of playing, scratching and relaxing in just one product.

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Dinosaurs? Godzilla? Loch Ness? They are no match for your little monster! This cat cardboard scratcher is the perfect size for any sized meow.Perfect for a long stretch, floor stretch and more. It can climb up and down, inside and outside then pounce !The cat scratcher your cat deserves. Made with substantial materials, our dinosaur cat scratcher and bed can support cats up to 25 lbs. The back is a scratching post that your cat can use to get out all of their energy. When they become tired, the front doubles as a cat bed for your cat to get in their daily 16 hours of sleep.

  1. High-quality materials: The cute cat scratcher is made of artificial board, with a concave-convex design, which is very resistant to tearing and abrasion, and the edge is smooth and does not hurt the cat. Let the cat calm down while playing and let its nature be free.
  2. Cat scratch board size: external size: 47×35×45CM (1CM≈0.4in); internal size: 30×28×28CM (1CM≈0.4in). Suitable for cats of 1-7.5kg to play.
  3. Back inclined cat scratching board with slope climbing, suitable for cats who like to grind their claws vertically.There is a large space inside the scratching board, where the cat can play or sleep freely.
  4. This cat scratching board has a window interaction design, which allows cats to interact with their owners and enhance mutual feelings. It is also the best gift for cats.
  5. Photo time – Photo stand-in opportunities.
  6. Eco-Friendly – Environmentally friendly high-quality cardboard.

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