Garden Bird Feeding Station Hanging Wooden Seed and Nut Feeder


Large premier feeder with suet cages is one of the professional series feeders that set the standard of the feeder. Our cedar bird feeder have effective and better design that set the standard with premium quality.

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The tube bird feeder is easy to move, you can use it directly, no need to install, hanging in the garden, yard and other places are very good choices. Metal bird feeder weatherproof is the best gift for family and friends. A good day can start from watching flowers and birds.

The beautiful appearance of this bird feeder outside hanging can put a lot of seeds, which can attract more wild birds, such as sparrows, woodpeckers, canaries , Hummingbirds and cardinal birds, etc., it can let you relax and enjoy the feeling of nature.

  • Durable and Strong: The cedar feeder is made of natural cedar inside, it is very strong, so it can withstand extreme bad weather.
  • Effective and better design: Our cedar bird feeder design with the suet cages at both ends attracts more wild birds. It can hold at least 5 pounds of mixed seed, reducing refill frequency, and the clear window is clearly visible. Double suet baskets at both ends can hold 2 suet cakes or whole peanuts and other larger seeds. Allows for easy feeding of multiple birds easily.
  • Close to the nature: You wake up to a beautiful melody from your backyard and you wonder what creature makes such a beautiful sound. You slowly creep out and find colorful little birds. Birds will love it and what’s even better, it keeps the larger birds from grabbing all the food from it.
  • Best Gift Choice: The cedar feeder is especially easy to clean and store. It is also a great gift for your friends, family, the elderly and children. Nowadays, young people are busy with work and they will have a lot of problems. When they see many birds coming to the bird feeder to live and eat seeds, their mood will be better; Wild bird seed feeder can also bring more fun and enjoyment of life to the elderly and children.

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