Handcrafted indoor wooden cat bridge wall mounted hammock


Indoor toy for cats to play with, the cat shelf is the best kind of fitness toy for cats, so that he can see the distance, see the scenery.

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Your feline friend will have a fun hand-made wall-mounted cat tree shelf set!

This product is perfect for homes with multiple cats, as it can help with behavioral and territorial issues. Simply install it to your wall itself and your cat will have more space, our furniture allows cats to have their own territory and be high enough to feel safe and comfortable, perfect for cats who love heights! The cat is very happy to have his comfort zone. Let the exploration begin!

  1. Material: Mahogany, hand polished, high quality, durable, no paddling, smooth corners.
  2. High quality detailed design, easy to attach to the wall by screws, when moving from home to home, so that your cat can have a large free space to run around at will.
  3. Keep active and healthy: save room space, the whole product is designed on the wall, this wall mount can jump and climb, keep your cat active and healthy, mounted on the wall, no longer worry about cats messing up your room, easy to match the interior of the room with a lovely design cat house. So you can go to work without worrying about the mess at home.
  4. How to Assemble a cat ladder: First check the position of the ladder on the back of the base. Next, install the fixing plate and prepare the screws and screwdrivers provided. Tighten the screws diagonally. When tightening the screws, take care that the cloth is not scratched. Once all the screws are tightened, the other side is also connected.

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