Interactive dog toys mat snuffle eating and smell training


Snuffle mat offers pet parents an easy way to keep their dog physically healthy every day. Regardless of your dog’s age, daily activities into a rewarding and challenging dog game.

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We all want the best for our furry friends, and that includes finding ways to keep them healthy and happy. Nose pads combine mental stimulation with environmental enrichment to support your dog’s overall health. Wool nose pads from big dogs to small dogs are not only a fun activity, but it also has some great benefits.

Research has found that sniffing a dog’s nose pad for ten minutes is equivalent to an hour’s walk – the perfect way to beat boredom. Sniffing helps relieve stress and reduce anxiety, all of which contribute to your dog’s physical and mental health. Pad sniffing dogs are self-soothing and focus excess energy into a calming behavior.

Dogs are natural foragers, so sniffing out their kibble or treats from a sniffer mat fulfills that instinct – so ditch the kibble bowl and replace it with a kibble mat, tightly wrapped in fabric “grass” – the perfect pet snuffle mat for dogs for your pet to explore.

  • Happy Dog Promise: Paw Nose Pad dogs will stay calm and busy, satisfying your dog’s natural desire to sniff. It can be served with your dog’s normal dry food instead of a dog bowl, or as a puppy bed.
  • Improve Metal Health: Ideal for dogs of all sizes, paw dog rich toys make mealtime fun and exciting. Promote slow eating to reduce bloating and swallowing. Improve your dog’s health and mood. A boring doggy feeding mat that your dog will love.
  • 100% Pet Safe: whether you use it as a dog nose pad or puppy bed pet supply for quality assurance and durability. Hand-made from soft organic cotton fibers, this dog sniffing pad is machine washable.
  • Stop Destructive Behavior: When your dog is left alone, keep your dog occupied and entertained for a few hours by reinforcing good behavior and replacing anxiety with long-term therapy. Paw nose pad for small dogs doubles as a dog bed and treats puzzle.

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