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The natural wood Ronsun cage is a fully furnished hamster home. With the modern design and quality fir wood, it is a perfect home for hamsters to play and exercise.

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This Ronsun hamster cage for syrian hamsters is the ultimate playground for your small pets to have, offers plenty of room with 4 tiers. Made with natural wood with a mesh top opening, this allows for air circulation and is easily accessible to your pets. The front of the wooden hamster cage has a glass panel for viewing, the second and fourth doors offer a drop-down opening system for you to access the rest of the mouse cage. This hamster habitat is an overall great home for your pets.

  • Multiple Tier: With three ladders and several levels of platforms to run, climb, and play on, this small animal cage is a hamster playpen mansion. The quintuple set-up offers tons of room for exercise, making classic hamster cages look undersized. Offer them enough space to fit their endless energy.
  • Shelf: Featuring a shelf on the bottom, this wooden hamster cage includes a space for pet items. By keeping everything in one place, the shelf saves storage room needed elsewhere, opening up the cabinets and closets. Sitting on elevated legs, the wood cage will stay protected from dampness and moisture.
  • Two Doors: The hamster habitat’s hinged top and two front doors make it easier to access, so you can reach in from anywhere with quick and open entry from above or through the front.
  • Easy Sight to Interior: Keep an eye out for your little fur ball through the crystal clear windows of this big hamster house. Unlike wire coverage, the design offers open spaces to look through, without the need to see through metal bars. To pair with the glass, the mesh on top provides air circulation.
  • Big Cafe for Hamsters Information: Overall Dimensions: 23.5″ L x 15.75″ W x 47.25″ H. Assembly required.

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