Modern inspired luxury pet products cat hammock bed


The bed has a elegance inspired by mid-century modern design.There is a cushion on the bottom and a spacious canvas hammock above, perfect for two cats to share at once.

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572*380*445 mm


No paint




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A unique, modern, and beautiful cat bed hammock that is attractive, and comfortable for your cat. An elevated cat bed made of natural materials, wood and canvas. Two things to consider when buying a cat nest are its use and design. While the cat bed makes our pawed friends happy with its comfortable use, it should also provide aesthetics in the corner of our house. This cat house we designed brings comfort for your pawed friend and now your cat has its own corner!

  1. With its beautifully carved wooden features, this wonderful bed would make a beautiful addition to any living or bedroom. Plus, its raised foot and headboard provide a feeling of warmth, territory and security for your cat.The raised pet bed design increases airflow and improves comfort while reducing the possibility of mold, mildew and odors.
  2. There are two levels of indoor cat beds with soft MATS that are removable, washable and easy to clean.
  3. A sturdy wooden frame with intermediate support panels provides excellent load carrying capacity. Say goodbye to the fear of the bed suddenly collapsing and give your beloved pet a safe and comfortable private space.
  4. Suitable for small/medium/large cats/small cats/small animals. The cat house is made of thick, stable plywood panels for a variety of interior floors.
  5. Our indoor cat bed is simple to install, does not require any screws and can be readily removed when you need to store it.
  6. Easy to clean: Cat hammocks are easy to remove and assemble. It can be washed by machine or hand.

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