Modern luxury outdoor wooden pet big dog house


This amazing kennel is designed to maximize comfort. Made of waterproof pine with removable steel screens, creates a beautiful pet houses that blends very well with your modern home decor.

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Pine wood








Water based paint


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If you love your pet, you want to make sure it has its own place to relax. But most kennels are ugly, and they stand out whether you put them in the yard or in the yard. This outdoor pet house finally offers an option for man’s best friend that should fit your own minimalist, modern tastes.

  1. Kennel or kennel suitable for all breeds: A variety of colors and different sizes are available. Suitable for small to large breeds with an adult weight of 80 pounds or less. Before purchasing, measure your pet and find the right kennel.
  2. Construction durable and easy to assemble: Made of pine panels and stainless steel hardware, the outdoor kennel is sturdy and tough for lasting protection. With pre-drilling for quick assembly.
  3. The semi-enclosed design concept, wooden cabin design, pitched roof and door cover provide protection from inclement weather and keep comfortable and dry. The open roof provides an easy clean and ventilated interior to maintain a sanitary kennel. You can put some blankets/sheets inside to keep warm in the winter. You can also purchase dog insulation kits.
  4. Floors are sturdy and easier to clean: kennels are equipped with floors for easy cleaning. Provide a safer and more comfortable pet shelter for your pet.
  5. With elevated floors for increased ventilation and to keep your pet dry: For extra protection from the elements, elevated floors provide your dog with good air circulation and a dry surface.

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