Natura wooden insulated elevated cat house with ramp


Our pets bring so much joy, companionship, and love into our lives, so it’s only natural to want to return the favor and give them some back. Providing a safe, comfortable sleeping environment, both indoors and outdoors, helps them relax and feel at home.

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Help keep your feline friend toasty warm during her time outside with the Natura Insulated Cat House with Ramp. Weather-treated fir wood is filled with a foam insulation to maximize internal heat on days when it’s cold and wet.

Your best bud can spend every season enjoying the outdoors knowing she has a safe and cozy retreat to relax in when it’s time for a rest! Three separate entrance points allow for easy access in and out while the included ramp provides a hassle-free way for getting up to the house. The elevated foundation allows for great air circulation and prevents wet and cold ground conditions from reaching the house.

  1. This house is purr-fect for your feline friend who spends time outside. This cage for animals is all-season protection for cats and small pets. Condo overhang provides a shady lounging spot in summer.
  2. This large animal cage offers year-round protection from the cold and wet weather. Foam insulation in walls, roof and floor blocks drafts and helps keep in body heat. Upper condo elevates pet above ground chill and damp.
  3. Crafted with a weather-treated fir wood so the exterior stays beautiful and fresh for long-lasting usage. Condo overhang provides a shady lounging spot in summer.
  4. Features foam insulation to trap heat inside for ideal warmth on chilly days.
  5. Includes a ramp for accessibility, a 2-way cat flap for entering and an emergency exit on the rear side so your kitty can quickly leave when she pleases. Suitable for outdoor use.

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