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Allow for larger groups, and comfort and health in mind. Our bat house have two chambers are well spaced, the ventilation system is advanced, and the bats can naturally regulate their temperature.

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Our top of quality 2-chamber wood bat house are modeled after our proven and successful Triple-Chamber nursery Bat Boxes. Our bats need your help! Built to the same high standard and engineered for success, our bat houses will provide a safe haven for these important creatures. we are passionate about helping you enjoy nature through bat conservation. We are continually improving our design and together we will make the world a better place.

  • BATS CAN LIVE IN THIS 2 CHAMBER BAT HOUSE: No paint should be inside the box, we modeled Bat Box, these large bat houses have an efficient two chamber design that offers an ideal roosting area with excellent conditions for bats to live in.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO MOSQUITOES: BAT HOUSES ATTRACT BATS TO YOUR GARDEN, where they consume thousands of mosquito-sized plant-eating insects per hour, improve soil quality, disperse seeds, and are the primary nighttime pollinators. Bat boxes allow you to keep nature’s Earth-friendly gardeners near your home. Effective in eliminating mosquitos! and can withstand most weather patterns including snow, rain, cold, and heat.
  • NO PAINT INSIDE TO AFFECT BATS: Handcrafted from high-quality cedar wood, this Bat house for outdoors will keep rain and snow out, and will last years as cedar is naturally resistant to rot and decay.
  • 6 EASY STEPS TO INSTALL: This Bat House kit comes with stainless steel hardware, easy to install and can be secured to houses, trees and other locations.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTION: Bats are in important part of nature’s ecosystem and a bat house ecourages them to roost in an area that will provide benefits to your environment.

BATS are an ENDANGERED KEYSTONE SPECIES bat houses for outside help support a healthy bat population. Supporting the bat population helps the Earth.

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