Outdoor Large Rabbit Hutch, Bunny Cage, Wooden Pet House


The custom rabbit hutch is a great design for rabbits and other small animals like Guinea Pigs. It has been designed to include all of the features needed for your pets safety and comfort.

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Chinese Fir




120 x 50 x 100.5 cm




Water based coat


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The high quality solid wood frame and tongue and groove panels ensure it will last for years to come. The wooden rabbit house is perfect for the times your rabbits cannot be free range as the hutch has two storeys which can be closed off from one another.

  • Pull-out drawer: the bottom of the drawer is equipped with galvanised sheet steel. For the easy cleaning of the interior, the tray can be pulled out.
  • Folding roof: he locking hinge on our roof allows for easy cleaning and access to the upper floor. The two slide out tray ensure it can easily and thoroughly be cleaned. Multiple locking doors allow you to access all sections easily easily when changing bedding, food and water. You are able to secure your Rabbit or Guinea Pig on either floor so you do not have to worry about them escaping whist you are cleaning them out.
  • Sufficient light and air: the wooden cage has three sides with barbed wire and folding roof to maintain sunlight and air circulation. Therefore, pets can enjoy warm sunshine and fresh air.
  • Four doors: The rabbit house with front run are with 4 x stable doors made of wood and metal grids that are locked from the outside. Thanks to the upper and lower metal grid, you can always check the condition of your pet.
  • Natural life: the house for rabbits is made of natural solid wood. The solid wood rabbit cage brings the pet’s living environment closer to nature. It is suitable for rabbits, rodents and other small animals. Keeping your Rabbits happy is top of our list when it comes to the design of our hutches.

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