Wood cat furniture home pet hammock bed table


It is a bed design allows our pets to rest comfortably and helps pets to reinforce their sense of belonging.The materials used in the structure were chosen considering the health.

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A beautifully designed bed allows our pets to rest comfortably and our friends to feel a sense of belonging.The materials used in the design and construction of the products were chosen, taking into account health conditions and household artisanal composition.Our goal was to use wood materials that would not interfere with our friends’ communication with nature.

  1. This fabric is made of fine canvas, with multi-layer material suitable for animal viewing. It is solid and durable, smooth surface, and does not wear hands.
  2. The furniture is consigned in a knock-down form. It is very easy to build it up, a complete set has everything that is necessary for that including a guidance note and a mounting hardware!
  3. It is recommended for small breeds of cats and dogs. The size and load-bearing capacity of the product are suitable for dogs and kittens. Too large pets will crush the product. Suitable for indoors, not outdoors.
  4. Fabric parts should be washed at 30 C.Should not be dried in the dryer after washing. Fabric Parts (from their reverse side) can be ironed at low temperatures. Before the covers of the cushions are washed, their zippers should be opened and removed. It should not be cleaned with hard cleaning materials. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using cleaning chemicals.
  5. Removable multi-purpose composite cat rack trapezoid frame, large contact area with the ground, stable, large space, soft bag can be detachable and replaceable. Easy to clean. All four seasons.


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