Wood raised dog feeder with double pet bowls


Our elevated dog bowls is designed to prevent small and medium dogs from bending while eating. Make their dinner time comfortable, enjoyable without strain on their neck, joint and spinal with adjustable dog bowls with stand.

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Ronsun elevated dog bowls stand improves your pet’s digestive health! To make a dog bowl to fit dogs’ needs at all growth stages, we offer this well-designed raised dog food and water bowl with stand that “grows up” with your pups.

  • 3 Adjustable Heights for Dogs: Compared to pet feeding bowl on the ground, raised dog bowl is great for developing healthy eating postures for small puppies, as well as beneficial for large dogs by helping them eat upright and correct their posture, overall making swallowing much comfortable and promoting food digestion. Ronsun elevated dog bowls feature 3 adjustable flat and tilted heights. Adjust different heights up and down without disassembling. Let the raised dog bowl stand accompany your pet at every stage of growth.
  • Reduce Joint Stress: Our pet feeder bowl for large dogs can be set to different heights and any angle for easy swallowing. An elevated dog bowl stand helps improve your pet’s digestion, avoid pain and joint stress, especially for pets with arthritis, back and neck problems.
  • No Noise and Non-slip: Anti-slip backings attached to the bowl holder prevent dog bowls from sliding around and making noise while feeding. Non-slip feet pads make the elevated dog food bowls with stand stable and prevent slipping or scratching, offering protection for your floors also.
  • Easy Assembly Without Tools and Waterproof: Ronsun raised dog feeder is super easy to assemble without tools. The screw in the wood is fixed. Just tighten the wood screws, and add anti-slip backings onto the bowl holder. The sturdy wood material is waterproof to prevent any liquid from being absorbed into the wood.
  • Removable Large Stainless Bowls: The pet feeding station comes with 2 stainless steel dog bowls, allowing your medium dogs and large dogs to enjoy mealtime without refilling water and food repeatedly.

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