7 Tips For Choosing The Best Bed For Your Pet


There are more options for pet beds than you imagine, and all of them can be dazzling and confusing. We have summarized seven suggestions for you to consider before replacing your pet with a new bed, as well as some excellent options for you to consider during this process.

Tip 1- Consider the size of your pet

Pets come in various shapes and sizes, and pet beds are no exception. Cats often have smaller beds and only offer one size, but dogs have a wider range of breeds, so their beds are usually available in two or three sizes to choose from. Before starting to check the pet bed, please note whether your pet belongs to a small, medium, or large breed.

Tip 2- Record the way your pet likes to sleep

You can have a smaller dog, but what if they tend to straighten their body while sleeping? Alternatively, if you have a medium-sized dog that likes to curl up. If you think your pet likes to stretch and utilize the space on the pet bed, a good rule of thumb is usually to choose a large and flat bed. If your dog likes to snuggle, find a pet bed that allows them to snuggle inside and has a border around it, such as a leisure bed or snuggle bed. Cats often prefer snuggling or burrowing beds with closed tops, so they can dig holes and hide

Tip 3- Consider temperature

If you live in a hot climate and have a long haired dog, you will need a bed that provides a lot of airflow. A grid like layout helps to maintain coolness by promoting airflow, so your poor little dog won’t overheat. If you live in a cold climate and your cat or dog is prone to catching a cold, consider using a memory sponge pet bed, as memory sponges often retain body temperature.

Tip 4- Consider if your pet has any special needs or health issues

If you have an older dog, they may suffer from arthritis or joint soreness, so make sure your pet bed is flat on the ground instead of supported, so they don’t have to go to bed. Memory sponge is also very comfortable for pets’ old joints.

Tip 5- Consider cleaning solutions

Just like humans, some pets are cleaner than others. If you have a dirty and messy pet and are concerned about keeping items clean, please look for a waterproof pet bed or a pet bed with a detachable and machine washable lid.

Tip 6- Find durability and environmental characteristics

Just as you don’t want to sleep on a mattress containing annoying chemicals, you also don’t want your dog to sleep on a mattress containing annoying chemicals. Play. The pet bed is made of environmentally friendly filling material, which is made of 100% post consumer certified safe recycled plastic bottles, and is sewn with furniture grade craftsmanship and uniform stitching to prevent chewing. Their production facilities also meet strict quality standards for baby and children’s products.

Tip 7- Do not limit yourself to only one bed

Most family pets like to be by your side all the time, which makes them feel like they are a part of the family! Prepare a bed for your pet in the bedroom and let them sleep at night; Prepare a bed for your pet while watching a movie and a bed in the living room; Prepare an outdoor bed for your pet while you have dinner in the backyard. This way, you don’t need to move your pet’s bed to every corner of the house, and they can always feel integrated into it. Just make sure your outdoor or travel pet bed is made of durable materials and waterproof to avoid quick damage.

Yiling Huang

Yiling Huang

Thank you for your interest of RONSUN PET. l am Yiling Huang, the company's CEO. l started work in the wood products industry since 2004. And we are committed to pet products for over 10 years. We mainly export to USA, AU and European market. We aim to bring "Natural, Healthy and Comfortable Living to our customers". All the materials we use come from sustainable resources.

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