Autumn Pet Keeping Guide


After autumn, the weather is unpredictable, and as the temperature gradually decreases, there are also some physiological changes in cats and dogs. The uncertain factors of the environment also bring many risks to our pet raising, and owners must pay special attention.

1. Frequent occurrence of diseases

In autumn, the climate is unpredictable and the temperature difference is large, causing the respiratory mucosa of pets to constantly be stimulated by alternating cold and heat, weakening their resistance. This gives an opportunity for pathogenic microorganisms to take advantage of, especially when the environment is poorly ventilated, laryngotracheitis is more likely to spread among pets. If not handled in time, with the outbreak of upper respiratory tract inflammation, respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia will follow, usually accompanied by severe wheezing, fever, cough and other symptoms.

This crisp autumn season is not only a good season for outings and play, but also a peak period for the reproduction of various parasites. If we do not take precautions after taking pets for outdoor sports, we may be infected with internal or external Parasitic disease and infectious diseases.

Owners should appropriately add or remove clothing to their pets based on changes in the weather. For young pets, elderly cats and dogs, pets with a natural fear of cold, and those with weaker physical resistance, it is even more important to pay attention to keeping warm in autumn. For their daily resting and sleeping areas, it is necessary to ensure air circulation, clean and dry environment, and use soft and warm blankets. In addition, don’t forget to vaccinate your pet once a year. In the autumn when Canine distemper and kennel cough are high, you must also remember to immunize your owner regularly.

Regularly vaccinate pets and check for antibodies. In daily life, it is important to pay attention to the freshness of pet food and avoid feeding them too cold food. It is best to disinfect and heat the food taken from the refrigerator before feeding it.

2. High season of estrus

Autumn is the second Seasonal breeder of the year. This season is the estrus period of dogs and cats. Cats and dogs are prone to restlessness and can’t control accidents such as running, losing and car collision. Some of them will become impatient. They fight for the opposite sex, and their appetite drops. They always want to leave home, do not obey, urinate and howl at home. Therefore, strict supervision is necessary during this period to prevent accidents. When walking the dog outside, the owner should wear a strong leash on the dog, and the walking time can also be extended appropriately. Arrange more games for them in your free time, consuming excess energy.

Therefore, please be sure to pull the leash when pet owners go out, which is also a safety rope for dogs. Tying the leash is the best way to prevent loss and accidents. At the same time, pay attention to the physical hygiene and protection of dogs and cats to prevent them from being accidentally sexually assaulted by other dogs during their outings. In addition, the owner can also arrange sterilization surgery for them at an appropriate time.

3. Eat less each time and eat more meals

Autumn is a time for people to gain weight, and for cats and dogs, it is also a period of great appetite. As the scorching heat subsides, dogs and cats have a strong metabolism and appetite, mainly to absorb a large amount of nutrients, reserve subcutaneous fat, and prepare for the cold winter. Their appetite has multiplied and they always seem to be underfed. Most dogs have poor intestines and stomachs, for one thing, because of their nature: they don’t know how to be hungry when eating, and Binge eating; Secondly, the owner of the dog does not know how to pay attention to the dog’s diet, and excessive indulgence can cause a lot of harm to the dog’s digestive system.

If their temperament is left to devour, it is likely to cause digestive system discomfort and lead to diarrhea. The feeding amount should gradually increase. It is best for puppies to eat less and eat more meals to help them store more nutrients, and pay attention to providing sufficient and clean water at all times. For adult dogs, it is recommended to feed them 2-3 times a day. A cat is an animal that feeds freely, ensuring its water and food supply in the basin.

4. Hair care

The temperature will gradually decrease in autumn, and pets will not sweat as much as in summer. The frequency of bathing can also be relatively reduced, usually just once every two weeks. Local cleaning can also be performed on particularly dirty areas, such as limbs and buttocks. After taking a shower, be sure to completely blow dry the pet’s hair, and use a brush to comb the dog’s hair open while blowing it dry. Due to the unique nature of cats, they can choose to wipe them in autumn instead of taking a shower. It’s okay to keep them indoors and not take a shower for most of the year.

In autumn, the physiological cycle of pets enters a reasonable state, and dogs and cats will change their fur again, growing more fluff. During this special period, parents must strengthen the care of dog hair to help pets pass the critical period of hair growth smoothly. Appropriate supplementation of fur health products can also help dogs and cats comb their hair more to promote blood circulation, making the newly grown coat healthier and more shiny.

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Yiling Huang

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