How to choose urinal pad for your furry baby


Pet urine pads, also known as urinal pads or training pads, are disposable hygiene products designed specifically for pets, similar to diapers used by human infants. They are mostly square or rectangular and consist of an absorbent layer and an outer lining, with strong water absorption function. The unique material and structural design can also keep the surface and surrounding area of the urine pad dry for a long time. Some products will also add some adhesive strips on the back, allowing pet urine pads to be more securely fixed in place.

Most pet urine pads use antibacterial materials or contain antibacterial agents, which not only prevent bacterial growth but also have the function of deodorizing and eliminating odors, eliminating the odor of feces, and maintaining clean air. In addition, some pet urine pads with training functions still include inducers or pheromone ingredients in the product to help pets develop good designated excretion habits.

The most important reason why pet urine pads can become a “necessity” is that their rich usage scenarios almost cover all aspects of pet raising life. As you can see, having some pet diapers at home can make your life much more convenient in many cases. So how can we choose a suitable pet diaper for our pet?

In fact, the selection of pet urine pads is not complicated. The most important thing is the safety of the product. The selected material must be non-toxic and pollution-free, which is the most basic requirement. In addition, you can easily identify which pet urine pads are high-quality products suitable for your pet by considering the following four factors.

1.Absorptive Capacity

Before purchasing any pet urine pad, we should consider this element as it is the core and main function of the pet urine pad. The factors that usually determine the absorption capacity of pet urine pads are the selection and quality of absorbing materials, as well as the structural design of different material layers. Generally speaking, the more layers of padding, the stronger the absorption capacity.

With the development of science and technology, there has been a new breakthrough in the selection of pet urine pad materials. Some products will use the super absorbent polymer (SAP) layer plus the absorption polymer technology to transform the urine excreted by pets into gel, so as to prevent leakage and odor. However, the price of this pet urine pad is relatively high.

2.Dimensions and Specifications

If the pet’s urine pad you choose is too small, even if you have taught them how to use it, they may occasionally “lose their target” and excrete in other places. So the pet urine pad you purchase must be large enough to not only allow them to easily find the “quasi urine area”, but also ensure that the absorption capacity of the pet urine pad is sufficient to accommodate all the urine excreted by the pet. For example, large breeds such as the Great Dane and Tibetan Mastiff need to purchase XL or XXL pet urine pads.

On the contrary, if your mat is too large, it may also cause problems, which can cause your pet to confuse the mattress or the difference between a “play mat” and a pet urine pad, resulting in the condition of excreting in other areas.

So your first choice should be pet urine pads that match the size and specifications of your pet. If your pet is still in its infancy, the size of the pet urine pad should also increase as their size increases.

3.Deodorization Ability

At present, many pet urine pad products on the market have the function of dispelling odors. They are generally achieved through two methods: one is to add materials such as activated carbon to absorb odors, and the other is to add spices such as lavender to the product, so that the fragrance of the material itself can mask the odors.

We recommends the first type of product because pets themselves are very sensitive to odors, and adding unfamiliar odors can affect the difficulty of using pet urine pads.

It is also important to note that it is best to leave some weak temperature on the urine pad, so that your pet can easily find the urine pad during training for designated urination.

4.Extra Features

If you are satisfied with the above main elements, an additional feature can add a lot of points to a pet urine pad. If your pet has used a urine pad frequently before and ended up tearing it apart, then you need to choose products with stronger materials to deal with this runny little guy.

There is also a type of urine pad with adhesive strips designed on the back, which can make the pad stick to the attachment, increasing the difficulty of pets tearing and biting, and also preventing accidents caused by owners or pets accidentally dragging the pad to other positions.

With the increasing popularity of the pet trend, more and more pet products such as pet urine pads have entered the market. However, to select a product that is both suitable for your pet and cost-effective, it is necessary to start by understanding the pet itself and learning more professional knowledge, so as to choose the right product and choose the right one.

Yiling Huang

Yiling Huang

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