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This is a new product designed for big and beautiful cats and well behaved medium-sized dogs. Conceived as an antidote to traditional mass-produced pet furniture it combines solid and functional design, use of innovative materials, modern engineering and traditional craftsmanship. It is guaranteed to make a bold statement in any interior and most importantly provide ultimate comfort for your pet.

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Materials: PET felt made from recycled plastic bottles (60%), FSC plywood, softwood, polyester or acrylic cushion with the cotton shell. This cat/dog bed is available in 2 colours with a complimentary cushion in super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort. Also, there are 7 colours of pegs: Red, Marble, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Sky Blue, Green and Dark Green.

The cushion comes in 8 primary colours depending on your preference and with a detachable cover for easy cleaning. Size is 50cm in diameter. It may compress slightly during use. Caring instructions can be found inside.

It is made from non-allergenic eco-friendly materials, virtually odourless and will suit a cat of medium proportions or a small dog. Semi enclosed structure ensures your furry friend feels safe and well protected from outside noise and light pollution, this is especially important for sensitive animals.

This modern cat / dog house can be cleaned with a sticky roller and vacuum-cleaner. Use damp cloth or for more serious staining use lightly soapy sponge and allow to dry naturally. Do not use strong detergents or scented soaps, your furry friend will not appreciate this and may never use his/hers habitat again.

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