Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch Cage with Hide Run and Linoleum Roof


The rabbit hutch has a classic pastoral appearance, which makes it an ideal decoration for your garden or yard. With all the parts and necessary tools included, you can assemble this cute bunny house quickly and effortlessly.

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Chinese Fir






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  • Portable Compact Design—-Its compact, low footprint design easily fits a smaller space. This outdoor rabbit playpen makes it possible to give your furry friend time outside without sacrificing a whole lot of room!
  • Easy Access Design—-The rabbit hutch has 2 easy to open doors to gain quick access to your pets, one is able to open up the outer run area and the other is to open the inner loft area. The large main living area has a removable pull-out tray to make cleaning simple and quick.
  • Material—-This rabbit hutch is mainly made of wood and steel Wire. The wood is treated using a water based anti fungicidal animal and environment friendly stain.
  • Using Occasion—-This rabbit starter kit hutch has a sturdy steel wire detachable outdoor run for your pets to run around as well as an enclosed space for them to be able to sleep indoors. The solid fir wood construction coated with safe, non-toxic water-based paint ensures long-lasting use for your furry friends.
  • Sturdy and Safe Structure—-Made of high quality thick wood, the construction of this pet house is very solid and durable for constant outdoor use. The rust-resistant wire mesh can resist chewing and prevent your pets from escaping or predators invading.
  • Weatherproof Asphalt Roof—-Fully covered with high-quality asphalt, the roof of the rabbit cage is waterproof and sun-resistant, making the cage an ideal shelter for your pets from rain and light direct sun. Since the wooden frame is also rain resistant, you can place it outside without worrying about the weather.
  • Spacious 2-Story Home—-Our spacious rabbit house has two stories for your pets to act out. The large outdoor run allows your pets to roam and play freely in the sunlight. And the penthouse gives pets a quiet, warm space to rest. Through the window, you can check on your pets without disturbing.

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