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Our hexagonal outdoor cages for birds feature lots of space, so your fine friends will always have a place to perch and play. Birds can spread their wings safely in new ways, whether indoors or out.

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Your fine feathered friends will love the roomy interior of this vertical hexagonal outdoor aviary bird cage large from where there’s always room to perch and play. The natural environment offers plenty of fresh air and sunshine for happier birds.

This extra large bird house is made of lightweight fir wood and metal wire for security and durability. 2 large doors allow for easy access. The Hexagonal Wooden Bird Aviary gives plenty of space for your pet to freely enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Wooden Bird Aviary. Wooden Bird Aviary Suitable for Small Birds. The Asphalt roof creates shade and shelters from bad weather while providing excellent protection all year round.

  • Spacious bird house: Give your feathered friends the comfortable room they need to move around in, and fully cover and extend their wings with this bird cage. The space is large enough to accommodate several habitats, bird food bowls and toys!
  • Easy to use: There are 2 super doors on the front, so you can easily access the bird’s food, water and interior area.
  • Stable and durable: This outdoor bird cage is made of lightweight fir wood and has been used and enjoyed for many years. The cage has a 0.3 cm spacer wire to protect your bird from outside predators.
  • Indoor or outdoor use: This outdoor aviary is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Waterproof composite asphalt roof, bottom plate and finish help the bird cage withstand these elements.
  • Lock the door: The extra security on the latch helps keep your feathered friends away from unwanted predators. Note: Not suitable for strong parrots, such as Alexandrians, ring-necked parrots, Pittacula derbiana, etc.

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