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This wooden bird cage allows your lovely birds to flap and fly around happily and freely. It is built from premium natural fir wood and sturdy mesh wire, making it strong and durable to last for years.

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This cage is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The wear-resistant green asphalt roof can effectively block rain and sunlight, providing your feathered friends with comfortable living space all the time. One wood perch, one climbing frame, one ladder and two stainless steel bowls are included to create this perfect bird house. Great for parrots, budgies, aviaries, finches and other small birds, this bird cage is your best choice.


  1. Comfortable living space: Ideal for multiple small birds such as parakeets and finches. Designed to comfortably house 1-5 small birds (parrot, parakeet, cockatiel, finch). Your birds will enjoy their cozy outdoor house to relax and play on one of the three resting bars or ladder. The horizontal bars are great to attach toys or for climbing. Perfect size to fit indoors or any backyard, patio, or lawn.
  2. Easy to clean & safe: The pull-out plastic tray and extra floor grid are easy to maintain. As far as cleaning goes, that’s made easy thanks to a built-in slide-out tray (which collects droppings) and entry door which offers access to the house. Your feathered friends will enjoy fresh air and sunlight safely as the ventilated wire mesh protects against predators.
  3. Sturdy & durable: Made with natural fir wood, strong wire mesh, and equipped with a waterproof roof as a protective layer against the elements. Two different sized doors at the front with wood panelling at the back. Ergonomically designed as a good quality house for your aviary birds that will provide a conducive living environment for your animals to keep them happy and healthy.

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