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Ronsun flying cage is made of 100% natural solid wood, which is sturdy and durable. The appearance and structure of the birdcages are designed by 20-years professional woodworkers and bird enthusiasts.

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Create cosy heaven for birds with Ronsun extra-large Fir Wood Bird Cage. Our wooden bird house highlights an independent exit of each house for easy in and out. The platform before the exit is wide and long enough for multiple birds to rest and play together. The asphalt roof is strong and waterproof to keep your birds from harsh weather conditions. Easy to clean and maintain, it is designed with openable doors on its back and retractable trays. The solid fir wood and quality iron wire construction can withstand years of use.

  • ROOMY BIRDHOUSE: Give your feathered friends the room they need to walk around comfortably, and fully flap and extend their wings with this bird aviary. The extra-large bird house is spacious enough for several perches, bird food bowls, and toys!
  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: With the extra-large door at the front, you’ll be able to easily access your bird’s food, water, and the inside area. Thick slide tray makes cleaning feces easily. And the bottom wire mesh prevent birds ESCAPEing while you pull out the tray.
  • STABLE AND DURABLE: Built with lightweight fir wood, this outdoor bird cage will provide long lasting years of use and enjoyment. The cage is covered with 0.31-inch spaced metal wire to protect your birds from outside predators.
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE: This outdoor wood bird house aviary is ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. The water-resistant composite asphalt roof, baseboard, and finish help the birdcage endure the elements.
  • LOCKING DOOR: Additional security from the latching door helps to keep your feathered friends in and unwanted predators out.
  • MULTIPLE USE: The wood bird cage is suitable for much variety of birds.such as parakeets, parrots, lovebirds, cockatiels, pigeons, finches, african grey parrot, canary, etc.

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