Outdoor wooden breeding large bird cage for small animal


Allow your bird to spread its wings in a safe and comfortable place with a large bird cage. Our product is an excellent choice for protecting your bird from the elements.

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If you have parrots or cockatiels that desire a larger flying room, the extra-large wooden birdcage fits your bills. The large bird cages for sale comes with plenty of play space inside, including perches, toys, a wooden ladder and more. It is not also made to please your feathered friends but also made to last outdoor for years. Your birds deserve to live a happy and healthy life.

This parrot cage is crafted from sturdy mesh wire and high-quality fir wood construction, offering a strong and durable living space for your different sizes of pets from small finch to medium parrotlet to large cockatoo. Designed in a rectangular shape with two levels, this bird cage provides your animals an extra amount of space to fly around freely. The perches give your birds a perfect place to sit on and take a rest while the removable floor tray makes cleaning the cage with ease. Your feathered friends will love the space and safety of this cage.

  1. Suitable for raising Parrot, Cockatoo, Macaw, or Other Bird Durable and draughty pine wooden pet cage. Simple and elegant design, fine workmanship.
  2. Horizontal bars for climbing and attaching toys.
  3. Wooden bird aviary made of the finest quality fir wood and pine wood, it guarantees long lasting use. Constructed from animal-friendly timber and designed to last for years.
  4. On a rainy day, the parrot also won’t get wet for the rain. Cage adopts iron wire which closely packed. At the bottom, it contains qualified steel tray that is easy to clean.
  5. With good air circulation, you can observe your bird from 360 degrees.
  6. Small grids can prevent pests from harming the birds.
  7. One bird house is included, giving birds a place to perch and hatch.

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