Multifunction pet feeder adjustable cat dog water and food bowl


Made of high quality PP(Polypropylene) plastic and glass, this cat bowl is smooth and durable that you can use it for a long time.

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Water&food feeder


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This pet glass bowl can be used to hold water and food for your cats and dogs. It is a pet feeder that can be adjusted according to the pet’s height. The heat-resistant glass bowl can be sterilized in boiling water and cooked in a microwave oven, and you can cook food that suits your pet’s taste. There is a non-slip rubber packing at the bottom of the feeder stand so that your pet can eat safely.

This cat bowl has a smooth surface which is easy to clean. When cleaning, wipe the holder with a wet tissue or soft cloth, and remove the bowl and wash it with a soft sponge and detergent.

It is a kind elevated bowl that places your pet in an upright, ergonomic feeding position. Unlike most raised dog bowls, the slightly tilted bowl platform is designed to reduce neck and back strain. It is height-adjustable and suitable for toy and medium sized dogs, cats, geriatric dogs, and pets with medical conditions, such as megaesophagus or arthritis.


  1. This pet travel bowl that can be adjusted to suit your pet’s height. Height adjustable pet bowl rack, can be adjusted anytime, improve your pet’s pre posture. The supporting rod can be adjusted from 0 to 2.76in.
  2. Hygienic heat-resistant glass that can be disinfected with boiling water.
  3. Silicone bowl pad, non-slip and quiet, prevent slip-off, more safe for pets to use.
  4. 180° rotatable to the right and left, the adjustment part is made of toothed gear.
  5. Tilt design, allow dog to see easily, let your pet enjoy healthy food diet.

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