Natural classic dog house, flat hinged roof outdoor pet house


The natural Classic Dog House is a great place for your pooch to rest when spending time outside. Our weatherproof solid pine construction will withstand the elements so they will have their favorite retreat for years.

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Fir wood


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116*76*82 cm




Water based coat


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The raised floor and tongue-and-groove exterior protect your furry friend from chilling wind drafts. The slanted roof allows water to drain to the back. The sloped roof is covered with a heavy-duty mineral roofing felt for greater protection against mother nature.

Integrally designed legs lift the strong floor off the ground to prevent rising dampness and ensure adequate air circulation. This will help keep the floor cool in the summer and warm/dry in the winter. The plastic covered feet are adjustable to allow you to level the house on uneven ground. This is a perfect little getaway for your furry friend to hide out in when spending time outside.

  1. Heavy-duty mineral roofing felt, weatherproof sealer, and plastic cover feet provide ultimate protection for long-term outdoor use.
  2. The entrance was designed off to the side so your dog can curl up in the corner, protected from direct drafts.
  3. The hinged roof with a locking arm allows for easy access to clean and organize your dog’s home.
  4. Slanted roof sheds rain water fast and away from the door.
  5. Adjustable rot free plastic cap feet allows your Dog House to be level, even on uneven ground.
  6. Elevated floor to keep moisture out on rainy days and proper airflow.
  7. Floor panels are removable for easy cleaning.
  8. Suitable for larger sized dogs up to 95 lbs such as a German Shepherd.

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