New home wood wall furniture cat climbing frame shelves


Let the cat hang on your wall space , Sturdy construction wood cat wall shelves ,special style wooden shelves for cat ,as a perfect gift for your cat .

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Mahogany Plywood








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Your cat needs a jumping platform to be mounted on the wall. Cats love to overlook the distance. This cat wall shelf diy product is your best choice.Your cat needs a jumping platform to be mounted on the wall. Cats love to overlook the distance. This product is your best choice.

  • The wood is smooth and durable: The wall mounted cat furniture is made of environmentally friendly wood material, which is strong and durable. The surface is hand-polished, round and smooth,and there are no burrs.
  • Wall-mounted Cat JUMPING platform: Cats love to jump up high to see what you’re doing, and this platform allows them to move freely in the air without restraint.
  • A good place for your cat to rest: This wall-mounted cat platform can provide a very favorable viewing condition for your cat. The spacious surface can also be sat on to rest. The smooth surface and eco-friendly wood will not cause any harm to his body, and the product is strong and will not show any damage.
  • Installation is simple and convenient: we will equip the hardware package required by the product, including screws and other tools. We usually use expansion screws for the products on the wall, which can effectively fix the products on the wall. This way is solid and stable, and can ensure the safety of cats.
  • Best gift: If your friend or family member has a cat at home, this is the best gift they can receive. This compact, sturdy product allows their cat to play with its owner while keeping the cat at home. This gift is the best choice for a good price.

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