Raised wooden dog elevated pet bed removable cushion


Shower your pet with love and affection with comfortable bed for pet . With a soft removable cushion, this raised wooden bed is ideal spot for your dogs to relax.

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The Mid-century Modern pet dog bed frame is designed to complement your existing home decor and furniture. This height will keep your fur buddy away from uncomfortable surfaces; When equipped with a uniform sized pet bed, it ensures safety and maximum comfort for the napping pet. Clean wood finishes complement the bed frame’s clean, modern lines, stylish and timeless look.

  • Modern design: The contemporary mid-century modern design of the bed frame complements all home interior styles; Featuring clean lines and wood trim, the bed frame would look great in any room of the house.
  • Easy installation: The bed frame is equipped with pre-drilled partitions, making assembly a breeze; No special tools are needed.
  • Available models: We can provide customization, any model, any color can be, our products are equipped with a variety of MATS, you can choose your favorite.

The surface is finished with an attractive wooden veneer that is both classic and stylish. Choose from two available colors to better complement your home decor!

The bed frame is kept sturdy by the four metal leg stubs with matching finish. Like platform beds, bamboo slats line the interior of the frame to better support your chosen mattress and pup.

Bathe your pet with love and affection with this comfortable and elegant wooden pet bed, which comes with a soft.

The mattress is soft and comfortable and also features a removable and machine washable zipper cover for easy cleaning.

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