Spaceship Modern Cat Bed with Acrylic Dome


This is a highly functional and large space that fits all cat size.The wood finish with transparent dome compliments every interior design aesthetic, adding a modern touch to the house. The bed features a large entrance and four ventilation holes at the back. Our space capsule will have your pet feeling cozy and safe while enjoying the improved air circulation and natural light.

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😸【SPACESHIP STYLE】-Round shaped cat bed cave with plywood and two acrylic domes have the appearance of a mini spaceship. The cat spaceship bed can sit on the floor, on top of your desk, or wherever your cat prefers to be. Our modern cat bed also acts as a greenhouse in winter and works better when you have cloth or a cushion inside.

😸【TRANSPARENT DOME】-Cats love a cozy and safe place for their leisure time, and they are also curious creatures. The transparent acrylic domes of our cat bubble on both sides allow them to observe the outside world through their capsule. Cat owners will also be able to view their cuteness from the outside when the cats are sleeping.

😸【LARGE SPACE】-Our spaceship-themed round cat bed offers a large space for your cat to move around. It serves as a modern warm hideout for your cats that will keep your cat covered and comfortable at all times. If your cat wants some time alone, this cat dome bed can reduce their anxiety and offer the privacy they need.

😸【QUALITY MATERIAL】-This gorgeous covered cat house is made from plywood. This material is known to be anti-corrosive, wear-resistant, has a dense structure, and is not easy to crack or deform. This cat furniture also fits in any room it is in and adds a modern touch.

😸【EASY TO CLEAN】-Unlike cat pod beds that are made of cotton or fur, cleaning this indoor cat house is significantly easier. All you need is to wipe the interior and exterior of the cat capsule and wash any cloth or cushion you have put in.

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