Wood Cat Hammock Pet Calming Bed For Indoor Cats


Give your pet maximum comfort! In few minutes, you will assemble convenient and stylish hammock, what taking the shape of cat.

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New Moon Cat Bed. Awning takes the form of cat, and it would be rest in the cat bed wood hammock with pleasure. Strong and light, you can easily move hammock around the house. Use it to create for your cat place of real comfort.

  1. Perfect Premium cat furniture bed Hammock –Pet hammock is made from natural pine wood and Plywood that is attractive in the home. It is a piece of furniture, designed and built to last for years. We know you and your pet will enjoy our bed,protecting your cats from humidity, dust or uncomfortable floor. No hot ground in summer nor cold ground in winter any more.
  2. Get Your Pet Off The Floor – Sleeping or napping on the hard floors is not always the best place for your pets. Cats always prefer to sleep in high places—they feel safe. With a Hammock Bed, you can provide a very cozy and safe place for your furry friends.
  3. Easy To Clean – The breathable velvet cushion is reversible and can easily be removed for machine washing. And is designed to keep your dog cool during hot weather.
  4. For Most Types Of Cats – Small dogs, cats, bunny and any other small pets you may have will love their new elevated cat bed. Holds comfortably up to 20 lbs.
  5. Easy Assemble & Satisfaction Guarantee – Detailed installation instructions and videos are easy to follow and came with all the tools needed.

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