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Our products are made of wood and metal structure, it is stable ,so that your cat can have a happy play mood in the private space, it is perfectly protected.

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A new, durable cat house outdoor waterproof product that can be used outdoors or indoors. Designed to hold multiple cats. In addition to cats, also suitable for chickens, fully covered outdoor cat enclosure.

  • Fully enclosed: Outdoor cat playground with 3 large platforms and large main doors with metal locks on the front. The cats can be accessed through Windows and doors through a detachable back panel, and the roof section is designed to be durable with asphalt roof specifications.
  • Super Gate: The large front door allows your pet easy access to the cat carrier with no strict restrictions. Just like humans, they will find a comfortable gate and want to pass through the cat’s mesh enclosure. When there’s bad behavior or whistling and you want to keep them out of trouble, you can shut the door, stop it, stop them at the source of the problem.
  • Roomy: Give your cat space to walk outdoors, where they can hear the sounds of nature and the outside world, and take advantage of the spacious interior of this large outdoor cat house. Rooms that provide this are large enough to give a kitten or two space to play and rest, eliminating those frustrating moments when they want to go outside but are not allowed to. To play with air conditioning and heating in the home, the cat’s wooden tower can be brought inside.
  • Weatherproof: The flat roof of this outdoor cattery is covered in rain-proof asphalt, ensuring that water droplets stay outside and the interior stays dry when the weather unexpectedly hits. Cats’ apartments are built with ventilated mesh walls that fully wrap around, allowing sunlight to enter and allowing them to lie down, creating a cozy space where naps can warm up the day.
  • Simple:Detailed 30 minute assembly instructions, including hardware.

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