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The chicken rabbit hutch house is ideal on its own more to expand your small animal living space. It is strong and durable, and will be a complement to any home or garden.

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Crafted of solid firm wood for superior strength and stability the cage is a perfect shelter for chickens and other small animals.

Featured a premium galvanized wire the cage helps keep your pets in and protects them from predators. Thanks to the air inside could be well circulated ensuring a healthy yet cozy space for your little friends.

  • Versatile Enclosure for Poultry: Doubles as a coop extension and a bunny house, this 116cm in length folding chicken coop is a practical addition to free your small chicks from the crowded flock or protect your rabbits and ducks from predators.
  • Outdoor Wood Pet House: A natural firwood frame with predator-resistant latches and weatherproof wire mesh can be held firmly to the soft ground by the included nails, offering a durable safe brooder in your backyard or garden.
  • Spacious Run with Roosting: The ventilated enclosure provides a roomy habitat to walk and run while allowing viewing without disturbance. A detachable wooden roosting bar is included to be consistent with chickens’ habits and add stability.
  • Folding for Easy Carry: Designed to save space when not in use, this chicken pen can be easily folded for storage without worries of space limited. Just pick up the inbuilt handle to carry the wood playpen effortlessly from outdoors to indoor space.
  • Easy to Assemble and Clean: This chicken activity center is easy to set up according to the detailed manual. The top section and a side door can be opened for convenient pet access while you can feed, clean, and do other routine tasks easily.
  • Ideal Habitat for Small Animals: Our wooden cage features a large activity space with a stand that allows your poultry to run, jump, fly freely inside. Suitable for chicken, rabbits, ducks, ferrets, guinea pigs or other small animals.

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