Waterproof outdoor backyard large wooden chicken coop


The Premium+ Chicken Chateau provides ample space for your chickens to roam safely. The country chic design will brighten up any backyard and the craftmanship is sure to be admired. Features include full size pull pan, interior nest box and secure ladder from hutch to pen.

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Chinese Fir






Water based coat




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  • Fully Roofed: A fully roofed design ensures your chickens stay rain-protected, cool and comfortable, and less dehydrated. Ensure comfort, health, and a better quality life for your animals with a safe and more enjoyable interior.
  • Weather Protection & Materials: The paint on the fir wood walls protect against rainwater to outlast weather patterns. Designed for the outdoors, this large hen house and stays strong against showers, and the durable metal mesh provides long-lasting strength.
  • LARGE: Roomy and spacious with 5.9′ from end to end, this hen coop house provides a far distance to walk, giving multiple chickens ample space. The large size will make your animals extra happy.
  • Safe Materials: The paint is healthier for animals, and doesn’t contributes to pollution like most paints do. The contents protect you, your pets, and the air you breathe from impact. This coop has green built into it.

Prefect for Outdoor use, Instead of CHEAP WOODEN ROOF that will easily broken after a month or two use outdoors.

Chicken coop with nesting box & Unique design UV Proof Run Panel for chickens, rabbits and other small animals to enjoy the sunshine.

Hen house comes with round edge PERCH inside for your chickens to roost. Big front door & pen door for easy catching.

Large bunny cage with run, the DEEPER pull out tray won’t leak off and easy-to-clean. Easy assembly with pre-drilled holes.

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