Outdoor custom wood rabbit hutch villa free run cage house


This hutch is expressly designed for your lovely rabbits. Those small animals love the green grass, warm sunshine and fresh air. You can take this novelty rabbit hutch into consideration and give them the safe shelter in your backyard.

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The hutch can protect them from harsh weather conditions, like the heavy rain and strong wind. It also can avoid the attack from fierce hunters, like foxes and weasels.

  • HIGH QUALITY: Rabbit hutch is made of high-quality natural fir, the wood is strong and natural, and the paint on the surface is environmentally friendly, waterproof, and safe, and pets can use it with confidence. The asphalt-covered roof protects pets from moisture infiltration and excessive sunlight has a long service life and gives your pets a safe and warm home.
  • LARGE SPACE: Rabbit cage is a three-door design, with a large activity space, pets can come in and play freely without interference, enjoy the happy time of eating and sleeping, and you will also have a special place to fully interact with your pets, more interesting. This rabbit hutch provides your pets with plenty of space to exercise, while the tight iron wire mesh helps prevent mischievous behavior and unexpected accidents.
  • REMOVABLE TRAY: The removable tray is easy to slide out, making it easier for you to clean and providing your pet a more comfortable living experience.
  • EAST TO INSTALL: Rabbit cage is easy to install. It can be installed in 20 minutes according to simple instructions, giving your pet a stable home from predators.
  • VENTILATED AND COZY HOUSE: The house can be opened wide to allow fresh air in and can be closed to create a warmer and more controlled environment.
  • STRONG & STURDY: Classic cabin style rabbit hutch finished in white and heather gray paint, highly durable fir plank construction with weather resistant asphalt roof for protection from the outdoor elements.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: 4 integrated easy-access entry windows equipped with security locks. 2 built-in easy-maintenance sliding metal drop-down tray levels for quick cleaning.

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