Why do dogs and cats hate each other


When it comes to the relationship between cats and dogs, although in many articles cats and dogs can live together peacefully, this is most likely the scene when the two happy enemies meet in life…

Why in daily life, cats and dogs often meet and fight, become enemies?

There is a famous German zoologist, through long-term research found that the main reason for cats and dogs quarrel is that they live in habits and the expression of emotions are very different.

  1. Purring in cats is usually a sign of good mood and contentment, but in the dog world it is another signal of intimidation and threat, a provocation that they cannot tolerate.
  2. Dogs are known to wag their tails when they are happy, but cats are known to wag their tails when they are happy. When you see a cat wag its tail in a big way, it is a sign that he is in a state of disgust and anger.
  3. Territoriality. Cats are fiercely territorial and will consider an area their own. When the dog enters the area, the cat perceives the dog as an intruder and becomes resentful, causing friction.
  4. Personality mismatch. Cats and dogs have different personalities, which can lead to misfits. For example, dogs may be overly dynamic and active, while cats are more quiet and independent. When the two are together, the cat may feel uncomfortable and upset.
  5. The peak effect. This is a cognitive bias, where people tend to pay more attention to the moments when cats and dogs are discordant and less attention to the moments when they get along. This could lead people to believe that cats don’t like dogs, but it’s just a memory error.

The antagonistic relationship between cats and dogs stems from their ancient ancestors, early carnivores that lived tens of millions of years ago and later evolved into cats and canines. They’re similar in size, they have sharp teeth, they both feed on prey, they feed on the same prey, and they often fight over food, so the fight between cats and dogs is rooted in the sense that the other is a competitor, because of the underlying awareness that was left over from the brutal competition.

Dogs and cats in pet stores today, or those that have grown up together, are less hostile because they have not had to worry about food since childhood, and human breeding has gradually suppressed their aggression. However, stray cats and dogs will still fight because they are fighting for food, so the relationship between cats and dogs depends on the environment.

Yiling Huang

Yiling Huang

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