Choosing a suitable pet urine pad


1.Observing the dog’s bowel defecating time

The defecation of young dogs is indeed traceable. After waking up and finishing a meal, I usually have bowel movements. These time points must be seized. According to statistics, puppies generally pull after 5-30 minutes of feeding. When they wake up, they may pull. From the ability to hold urine, a three week old puppy can hold its bladder for 45 minutes; An eight week old puppy can hold for 75 minutes; A twelve week old puppy can hold for one and a half hours; An 18-week-old puppy can hold for two hours. Therefore, during training, we should make good use of the dog’s bowel movement pattern and guide the dog to the defecation area at the right time, so that the dog can better understand the owner’s meaning.

2.The tactile feedback of dog foot pads

Dogs have unique tactile feedback on their foot pads, letting them know what material they are stepping on. And for defecation, which is a dangerous and unprepared behavior in nature for dogs, they also need a sense of security more. So, the foot mat has a memory function, it will remember those tactile sensations that make it feel safe and comfortable, especially when it comes to defecation.

3.Establishing a dog’s foot pad memory

Therefore, if a dog is accustomed to defecating on the same material as its breeder, it is more likely to defecate on the same material at your home. Whether it’s grass, tiles, wooden floors, dog urine mats, or dog toilets, if you continue to use the same material as when dogs defecate at the breeder’s place, it’s easier for them to consider this material as a toilet. And if you want to choose a material that is more reasonable for you, you need to rebuild the memory of the foot pad for it. We usually recommend using a urine pad for dogs because it is small in size and easy to carry, making it more advantageous and convenient to clean when going out in the future.

After the dog understands the concept of defecating in the defecation area, you can place the newly selected material item under its feet before the dog is about to defecate. Even if it’s just one foot stepping on this new material for the first time, after completing defecation, high rewards and enthusiastic praise will be given to make the dog gradually accept this new material and associate it with the behavior of defecation.

4.Using rewards to reinforce correct behavior

Subsequently, the difficulty is gradually increased, requiring all two, three, and four feet to step on this material in order to receive rewards. Every time you make progress, give it more rewards than before to reinforce the behavior of progress. Ultimately, it is necessary for the dog to place its urine or stool in the center of the material in order to receive a reward. This gradually teaches the dog to recognize the “defecation spot” you have chosen, and ultimately teaches the dog to defecate correctly.

Choosing a suitable pet urine pad is crucial for the health and happiness of pets. Below, we will introduce how to choose the appropriate pet urine pad from the following aspects.

1.Firstly, choose the appropriate size and shape of the urine pad based on the pet’s body shape and habits. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the urine pad, the stronger its water absorption, but it is also important to be careful not to be too large to avoid wasting resources and causing inconvenience. At the same time, it is important to choose the appropriate shape according to the pet’s habits. For example, if some pets like to urinate in the corner, they can choose a corner shaped urine mat.

2.Water absorption and breathability are important factors to consider when choosing a pet urine pad. A urine pad with good water absorption can quickly absorb urine, avoiding urine leakage and diffusion. A breathable urine pad can keep pets dry and comfortable, avoiding skin problems caused by moisture. Therefore, when choosing pet urine pads, it is important to choose products with good water absorption and breathability.

3.The material and quality of pet urine pads are also factors that need to be considered. Generally speaking, high-quality urine pads are made of soft and comfortable materials, which will not cause irritation to the pet’s skin. At the same time, it is important to choose products with reliable quality to avoid problems such as urine leakage and rupture.

4.Brand and price are also factors to consider when choosing a pet urine pad. The quality and reputation of well-known brand urine pads are guaranteed to a certain extent, but the price is relatively high. Low priced urine pads may have issues with quality and water absorption, which need to be carefully considered.

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