Tips for feeding hamster


What precautions do we have?

1.Breeding environment

Don’t be too noisy, don’t be too bright, and the temperature should not be too high. Ventilation is necessary.

Hamsters are afraid of direct sunlight in their daily lives and should be placed in a dark environment, the darker the better. Don’t put hamsters on the balcony in direct contact with the sun, they are very afraid of heat. If the temperature is higher than 28 degrees, the number of hamster deaths will significantly increase. It is best to control the appropriate temperature between 15℃ and 25℃.

2.Cage feeding

Hamsters cannot be kept together. Most species of hamsters belong to solitary animals and have a strong sense of territory. If they are kept together, it is easy to cause tragedy (fighting to death).

As the saying goes, “One mountain cannot have two tigers, unless one male and one female”, is it okay to keep hamster males and females in cages together? It’s also not possible, do not cage female and male mice together, otherwise the reproductive ability of hamsters will catch you off guard (having countless hamster babies in a short period of time~).

3.Cannot take a shower with water

Hamsters cannot be bathed directly with water, otherwise they may catch a cold due to catching a cold, and in severe cases, it directly threatens their life. Bathing in sand is the most suitable way for them.

4.Cannot drink tap water

Do not give hamsters tap water as it contains a large amount of bacteria, which can easily lead to diarrhea. In severe cases, there is a risk of death. You can give them boiled cold water, mineral water, or purified water.

5.Regular grinding of teeth

Be sure to prepare teeth grinding supplies for hamsters, because their teeth are constantly growing. If left untreated, being too long can harm them and may develop a bad habit of gnawing on cages. I believe you don’t want to hear the sound of “creaking” biting things at night.

So what do we all need to prepare? The most crucial things:

1. Running wheel

The hometown of the rodents is in Africa, and they have to run several kilometers every night to search for food. In artificial breeding environments, we need to use running wheels to meet their sports needs, and the size of the running wheels also has certain requirements. A running wheel that is too small can damage their spine. Generally speaking, using a 26cm one is more suitable for your baby, as they can spread their feet and run on it.

2.An appropriately sized hamster cage

The area of a hamster cage refers to the bottom area. A cage with a small bottom area can bring enormous environmental pressure to a golden bear. Living in a small cage can be very oppressive for the mouse, which is very detrimental to its growth and development. If conditions permit, the larger the bottom area, the better.

3.Bathroom, Bathing Sands

Pet friends who have raised hamsters may know that hamsters clean themselves by rolling in the sand bath. It is recommended to use acrylic material for the bathroom used by hamsters, and it is best to have a function to prevent sand from splashing out.

4.Padding material

The selection criteria for padding materials first and foremost are to minimize the amount of dust. Excessive dust can easily infect the respiratory tract of mice, which is very harmful.

5.Hamster food

Hamsters are generally divided into two types: bears (such as golden bears) and dwarves (such as pudding, silver foxes, and third tier). If you want to experience the process, it is recommended to first raise dwarves, and then raise bears (with high intelligence, long lifespan, and easy maintenance). Of course, jumping to the next level is not impossible.

Another thing to note is that hamsters have a habit of storing food. Many times, when you think the mouse has eaten all the food, it is actually hiding the food in its own small granary. In summer, it is important to check regularly and not let mice eat spoiled and moldy food.

6.Molar supplies

Hamster’s teeth are infinitely long, and not grinding them for a long time can affect the rodent’s feeding and even prick itself. If you want a hamster to grind its teeth, do not use bamboo chopsticks, popsicles, or other things. Instead, use the specialized grinding supplies for hamsters on the market. For example, you can buy specialized grinding bars, or you can buy some special grinding foods. Hard seeds in daily food can also play a role in grinding teeth.

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