How do you choose toys for your cat


There are so many different kinds of cat-teasing sticks on the market right now, and they come in so many different prices. The stick is chosen for two main reasons: safety and whether the cat likes it. Safety is something you can screen, but the cat’s preferences are not easy to determine, so you need to buy a few more sticks to “trial and error.”  I’ve bought laser lights, soft feathers, tassel streamers, hard feathers and lanyards. Talk about experience.

First of all, cats are semi-color blind and only sensitive to blue, yellow, green and gray, so we should choose the colors that cats prefer and are closer to natural bird feathers.

  1. Tassel streamers are too long. High level of appearance and good appearance. I’d rather be a pooper than a cat. But these cat-teasing sticks are not light or nimble. It’s easy to wrap around a cat. Pulling out the thread not only breaks quickly, but also poses a risk of swallowing.
  2. Lanyards are more suitable for sharpening claws. Give the cat a stretch. Suitable for hanging on doorframes or high places. It is inconvenient for cats to play by themselves. Not suitable for interacting with cats.
  3. Laser lights, ten cats, nine love. Both walls and floors can attract cats. But avoid shining it in your cat’s eyes. Laser lights move fast. It satisfies the cat’s need to run. But because it’s not a real thing, the cat can’t even touch it. It doesn’t simulate the feeling of hunting. Cats get upset.
  4. Cat-teasing sticks, with bells and plastic sheets, are the least recommended. The sound of a bell is noise to a cat. Cats are more often intimidated than excited.
  5. If your cat loves catnip, pick up a catnip wand that comes with a catnip in it, and when waved, it gives off the smell your cat likes.

Second is to consider safety, it is recommended to choose natural non-toxic materials, such as non-painted log grip, natural twine, feathers and so on. Because the stick will definitely be bitten by the cat, it is necessary to avoid the cat ingestion of toxic and harmful substances.

  1. If it is the choice of plastic, paint, then to choose a big brand, the safety of the material is more guaranteed, do not use cheap three products, small brands.
  2. It is recommended that the string on the cat-teasing stick be flexible, resilient and not easy to break. Like burlap rope, plastic string are still relatively strong.If it breaks easily, a piece of rope may be played with by the cat, which may accidentally tangle itself with the rope, causing injury.
  3. Be careful of a cat-teasing stick with lots of “small parts” and be sure to pull it to check for strength. Some sticks are decorated with small bells and beads, which make a sound when waved. Cats are more interested in them.The design intention is good, but some products are not fixed tightly, if a small bell falls off and is eaten by the cat, it is dangerous. After you buy the cudgel, check regularly to see if the parts are still strong

Finally, after you get the cudgel, remember to sterilize it regularly, once a month or more. Since this is what the cat is chewing on, make sure that the areas that are frequently nibbled on are clean and hygienic.

Yiling Huang

Yiling Huang

Thank you for your interest of RONSUN PET. l am Yiling Huang, the company's CEO. l started work in the wood products industry since 2004. And we are committed to pet products for over 10 years. We mainly export to USA, AU and European market. We aim to bring "Natural, Healthy and Comfortable Living to our customers". All the materials we use come from sustainable resources.

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