How to choose a toy for your furry children


The main types of pet toys are solitude toys and interactive toys. Solitude toy, as the name suggests, is a pet toy chosen by pet owners for dogs that cannot be accompanied for a long time. Mainly to alleviate many psychological problems such as separation anxiety, depression, and irritability caused by long-term solitude in dogs. This is also a pet toy that is currently developing rapidly and is more easily accepted by pet owners. Unlike solitude toys in pet dog toys, interactive toys require auxiliary dog toys such as frisbees used by pet owners and dogs to play together. Due to the recent rise of solitude toys and the increasing number of office workers raising pets, there is a greater demand for solitude toys among dog toys. The following are the specific categories of solitude toys:

  1. Educational toys, such as the Star Memory Snack Ring, can help dogs maintain brain activity during exploration, thereby achieving the effect of developing their intelligence.
  2. Tooth grinding toys can alleviate discomfort in the gums of dogs during the process of tooth growth and replacement.
  3. Biting toys can help relieve the dog’s emotions. During the selection process, toys with irregular appearances, such as Star Memory Concave Balls, can be chosen.

Firstly, we need to choose the appropriate size based on the size of our pet’s size. Generally speaking, small dogs have a smaller body size, so toys suitable for their play should also be relatively small; Large dogs generally have a larger body size, so their playable items should also be relatively larger. Of course, this is not an absolute standard, but it still needs to be determined based on the actual situation.

Large working dog with high vigilance, such as Loewener and German shepherd dogs, like toys that are large, chewy and resistant to pulling.

For them, pulling and tearing toys is not only fun, but also exercises their physical fitness and biting skills.

Dogs with itinerant ancestry such as Golden Retriever and Labrador, as well as gun hounds such as Cocker, prefer ball sports.

A dog with a strong predatory nature can run around chasing the ball for hours on its own, so the dog has no time or energy to cause damage.

Some small toy dogs, such as Chihuahuahuas, Yorkshire, etc., do not have a high demand for toys. A plush toy with a beeper can keep them playing for a long time.

When choosing pet supplies, it is important to consider their material. Because products made of different materials have different quality and usage effects.

For example, plastic products, although relatively cheap, are prone to deformation and damage; Wooden furniture, on the other hand, has the characteristics of being less prone to deformation and damage, and is also very corrosion-resistant and will not rust;

In addition, fabric products have the advantages of sweat absorption and good breathability, and can also play a decorative role.

When choosing pet products, we also must pay attention to the color selection. Because products of different colors use different raw materials and processes.

For example, white, which is usually made of pure cotton, not only has a soft texture, but also has good moisture absorption and breathability characteristics;

Black, on the other hand, is made of carbon fiber. This material is not only sturdy and durable, but also has good wrinkle resistance and insect resistance.

Before buying fur balls for our dog to play with, it’s best to check if the packaging of the fur balls is complete. If the packaging is found to be incomplete, it is best not to purchase. Because there may be squeezing during transportation, which can cause damage to the hair ball.

Once such a situation occurs, the dog will accidentally ingest the hair or other things inside, leading to certain bodily harm.

Finally, after selecting the products, we must remember to carefully check the production date and shelf life of the products. When choosing fur balls for dogs, we must be careful. Only products that are qualified in both aspects can allow our dogs to play with peace of mind.

Yiling Huang

Yiling Huang

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