Cat shelf wall hanging hammock wall mounted scratcher


The beautiful and comfortable cat shelf wall mount provides a fun and physical activity for your pets.The ergonomic modern design will decorate your interior and keep your pet in shape and bring a happy mood to your cat.

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Pets always give us their affection and devotion. In response, we give them our love and care. If you want to make your furry baby a nice gift, you should buy this wall mounted cat hammock. And we are very glad to introduce out new series of wall-mounted cat furniture.

This cat wall mount shelf idea was inspired by our desire to provide our cats a way to enlarge the wall and provide easy access to other items in our home. Great for your cats. The perfect place to relax, roost and take a nap. Our sturdy wall-mounted design is a stylish way to keep everything in your home neat and tidy!

  • Safety Material: We have adopted premium birch plywood instead of normal pine wood to make our wall mounted cat perch. It is strong and its color and grain are much more clear and convey a sense of serenity and luxury at home. The solid wood and hemp rope are very durable. The surface is smooth and will not harm pets when playing. Your cat can do whatever it wants in the hammock, even sharpen its claws. This is an interesting piece of cat wall furniture.
  • Enough Space: Its size is very impressive and there is plenty of lying space for cats to stretch paws and get good sound sleep. Meanwhile, you wont lose a millimeter of free space on the floor.
  • Easy to Use: The package contains a cat wall platform, installation accessories expansion screws, screws and dowels. Equipped with corresponding installation accessories, which can quickly install this cat climbing frame on the wall.
  • Versatile Applications: This cat wall perch can be hung on the wall in the living room for cats to climb, or add sucking disc on the window in the balcony for cats to enjoy a 360-degree sunbath.

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