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Bird House Feeder offer a variety of foods on this large platform to draw the greatest number of birds. This hanging feeder is an asset to your garden with its green roof and cedar wood for a modern look.

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The cedar feeder series features quality insect and rot resistant premium cedar, durable vinyl-coated hanging wires and water based preservative and stain. Rust-free hardware includes stainless steel screws and wire mesh, aluminum hinges and powder-coated seed ports. Detachable roof is to make filling easy, and a 82 OZ capacity means less refills and plenty of birds.

The large roof keeps the feed dry and additional drainage holes in the table further ensure any water is quickly dispersed so the feed remains tasty and fresh for the birds.

The feeding table has two sections, ideal for offering different feed mixes and suet cakes. The has a sturdy and weather-resistant suspension cable with which to hang. Bird feeder is well built and you will get fully assembled hanging in the backyard.

  • Cedar Wood Design: Cedar wood smells like a good treat that attracts different types of birds. Enjoy the best bird watching experience.
  • High quality: It is very resistant, so it will withstand bad weather. And the maximum load can reach 5 pounds.
  • Easy to use: The removable roof makes it easy and convenient to refill your bird feeder with fresh seed. Also, the seed comes out at the bottom to fill both sides of the tray.
  • Incredibly functional: The roof and side walls help keep water and squirrels out of your bird feeder. And the hollow tray helps dissipate moisture and keep the seeds mold-free.
  • Easy to clean: This feeder has a removable, rust-resistant screen that allows for drainage and is easy to clean—whether you’re feeding seed, suet and even fruit. Overhanging roof protects food from the weather. This is also suitable for large birds like jays.

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