Cube dog smell training toy snuffle mat for large dogs


Dog snuffle toy is one of the dog’s favourite toys that can easily awaken the dog’s attention and smell which can raise the dog’s interest to solve boredom and anxiety problems. Promote our relationship with dogs.

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Polar Fleece








Dog and cat toy


Plastic bag

Product Details

This dog toy can easily attract your pet’s attention, help your pet to improve intelligence and make it easier to train your dog.

It has the following features:

  1. The main fabric of the cube is polar fleece. It is soft and comfortable, and the body part is filled with foam blocks, soft and elastic. It is high quality and 100% safety. The soft cotton feels grassy and protects your pet’s sensitive face and body.
  2. There are places around the cubes where food can hide. Play longer, dogs love it very much. This toy for dogs with all six sides there is a food storage that can play for longer and the dog cannot put it down.
  3. The dog training toys with invisible zip design does not hurt the dog’s mouth when searching for food. The inner foam block can be removed and cleaning is convenient. It is easy to clean by machine and imitate the shape. This dog toys interactive can be used to bring fun to the home, play with your dog and have fun.
  4. Chew toy helps dogs massage and clean teeth, consumes a lot of energy and provides a healthier body.
  5. This sniffing mat mimics the search for food on grass and fields. Hide the treats or small toy in the cube and let your dogs find it out. It helps train your dog’s sense of smell. Encourage mental and physical exercise while reducing stress.
  6. This extremely durable dog toy prevents digestive problems and fixes bad eating habits. It stimulates the pet’s foraging drive and satisfies the pet’s senses, making meals more enjoyable.

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