Pet snuffle mat for dogs foraging instinct interactive puzzle toys


Hide the treats or small toy in the snuffle mat, and let your dogs to find it out, it helps to train your dog’s sense of the smell, drain your dog’s energy and lose weight

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Polar Fleece




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Keep Your Dog Occupied, This pets dog toys feeding mat is a great way for a dog who has tons of energy to use their brain during their dinner time, it can wear them out just as much as a walk.

The snuffle mat stimulates pet’s foraging instinct and satisfies pet’s sense. Make your dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food.

Non Slip Dog Snuffle Mat, you can fix it under the chair to prevent it slip when dogs sniffing, the dog play mat keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated and help relieve stress and relax.

Multiple mats can be put together to be a big mat ! Your pet definitely like to play and search on the mat, just meet their curiosity. The mat is made of dense and sturdy fleece. Worth the money, do the job.

Easy to Clean, The snuffle mat for dogs made of fabric material, the dog sniffing mat can be washed by machine.

Round Flower Dog Feeding Mat, Diameter: 55cm, great for medium, small dogs, rabbits and other animals.

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