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Pet snuffle mat is *the funnest* way to give your pup their breakfast and treats! Hide their food in all the little flaps, folds, and ruffles of the mat, and they’ll spend lots of exciting time sniffing and digging around to find them.

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Dogs love enrichment activities that stimulate their brain, nose, and taste buds, and our interactive snuffle mat have it all! It’s best to supervise your pup (you’ll want to watch anyway!) to be sure they don’t start trying to shred it. Not all pups are chewers, but you know if yours is, so just tuck it away when they have found all the treats if they are prone to destroying toys. Ingesting fabric from toys, blankets, or anything is bad for dogs, so always supervise your pup with the durable snuffle mat.

  • Digestion & Mental Health Improvement: This snuffle mat for large dog improves your dog digestion by slowing down the speed of eating. This snuffle mat consumes your dog energy and helps to lose its weight. Mental health of your dog improves by use of these dog mental stimulation toys.
  • Durable and non-toxic material: In order to provide high quality product and let all customers can rest assured purchase. All material are high quality, non-toxic , durable and odorless to make sure will not make your dog uncomfortable. Petals and grass are sewn on the mat with thick cotton thread. It will not be tear easily then cause the risk of suffocation.
  • Non-Slip and portable design: The base of this dog snuffle mat is made of non-slip cloth so that your dog can not move it on floor easily. Shrinkable size of this snuffle mat for puppies puzzle toys makes it portable.
  • Grassland Design: The feeding sniff mat for dogs can be folded into a bowl. Stick to the good habits of your dog or use it as an olfactory pad. Multiple stitches enhance tear resistance, release pressure and consume excess energy for pets.
  • Easy to clean: The main fabric of the scent pad is felt cloth, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. This dog snuffle mat can be washed by hand or machine, we advise to wash it once a week at least to keep your dog’s health.


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